STEM Workshops

Thanks for attending my STEM presentation!

We talked about the many exciting and fun opportunities that there are in science and engineering careers and we saw how much can be done with with a little understanding how to connect electronic parts together and by using programming no more complex than seen in Hour of Code.

While technology devices are shrinking, the jobs in computers, engineering and science are growing at an astounding rate.
It’s truly an exciting time and careers like those we’ve talked about will let you participate in and shape the next generation of the technology people use every day.

Below are some additional resources that you may be interested in.

After-School Workshop Interests Form

If you’d like to attend the after-school workshop, I like to know what you’d find most interesting. Please click on the form link below to give me your thoughts.

More About the uArm Robot

The robotic tic-tac-toe player is an ongoing project and you can follow all the progress .

This short video gives a good overview of the vision system.

You can play tic-tac-toe against the actual game algorithm programmed into the robot by clicking , or on the image below.

Challenge the Robot now on the Web

If you are a school administrator or a parent and are interested in more information, please email me.